ALB underfloor heating in an industrial building

Grup Engind will deliver during this month of March, completely finished the industrial birth in the Polygon "Les Plans Baixes", in La Bisbal del Penedés. Together with ALB we had the opportunity to install an air conditioning system for ALB radiant floor for industrial use. The tube used is a multilayer type with a diameter of 20 mm. the surface of panel installed in the ship is of 2,500 square meters, with a total of 12,500 linear meters of pipe distributed in 86 circuits of about 145-150 meters in diameter. This distribution is carried out thanks to 8 metal collectors for industrial use ALB. the flow rate estimated total of the radiant floor installation is of 8,900 l/h, taking into account an impulse temperature of 37´5 ºC and a thermal boot of 10ºC.

The ALB Radiant Air Conditioning System for industrial use executed uses heat bars, which allows a quick and agile installation of the same.

This installation of the 2,500 m2 of insulating panel, the 12,500 m of pipe, the heat bars, the collectors, etc. has been executed in 7 days with 2 teams of 2 people. The advantages of the radiant floor compared to other air conditioning systems, lie both in the comfort, as in the efficiency. On the one hand, the radiant floor heats only the area where the user requires thermal comfort, without thermal convection problems present in other systems. In the other hand, allows lower drive temperatures to the rest of the air conditioning systems, which also implies lower consumption. In addition, being a hidden system under the slab of the building, allows a saving of components in the architectural space. By heating the occupied space and working by means of radiation, the heat transmission is optimal and the energy used to achieve the thermal comfort is significantly minimized.

Any alternative to heat the entire air mass of the premises requires large amounts of energy, especially in industrial buildings with great height In addition, the stratification of the air means that in the area of permanence, there is no comfort, until the entire column of air above the person has been heated (this ship has a height of 12 m) .

The technical and constructive experience in the installation of the radiant floor with ALB has been very satisfactory.

Great job to the whole ALB team, Onilsa and Engind! Congratulations!.

March 2020