Group Engind build the industrial building for a leading company in the production of electrical equipment. With a plot area of 25,756.99m2, ground floor of 15,715.46m2 and constructed area of 18,409.62m2, the building has ground floor and two levels of production with a inner social bloc on the ground and first floor.

The social block structure, with a grid of 6.00 x 12.00m and precast concrete production platforms (pillars and slabs) with a grid of 5.88 x 9.41m. The general structure of the ship is metallic of variable profile 500/2000 mm., formed by 50 m span beams, with porticos every 9.41 m, alternatively the central pillar is supported with a 100 m span.

Part of the general structure is a mixed structure, supported on precast concrete pillars.

The height of the nave is 15.00m (floor, start of cover) in the side facades and center of the nave, and 2 covers at 17.16m. Facade and roof of sandwich panel panels and skylights 21 m long.

The ship will be destined to production, storage and offices of the company itself.

Delivery is expected during the first quarter of next 2020.

October 2019