10 December 2021

Naus industrials a Mas Alba (Sitges)

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La promoció de naus industrials a Mas Alba (Sitges), va avançant. La urbanització estarà finalitzada al desembre 2021. En aquesta promoció observarem: Amplis espais lliures privats Zones verdes I una excel·lent accesibilitat L’entrega de la 1ª Fase es preveu tenir-la finalitzada al estiu del 2022. Al gener del 2022 s’iniciarà la comercialització de la 2ª [...]

13 November 2020

Electrical installation at industrial building

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The circumstances are not favorable, despite this, Grup Engind continues to offer the best service to companies. We present the recent electrical installation that we have designed for our client, demanding needs that we have managed and executed: - 2 MV power points (25kV), 4 1,000kVA transformers - TN-S neutral system - Two strategically located [...]

6 August 2020

Barcelona. Free trade zone. Enviroment license

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  At Grup Engind we are developing the project and processing of the environmental license of the future warehouse located in the Free Trade Zone of Barcelona, ​​with a surface area of ​​13,000 m² distributed over several floors It will be destined for logistical use and developed by a large international operator. With this new [...]

27 May 2020

Learning industry 4.0

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  Not only calculating and complying with current regulations is necessary today; The possibility of improving the performance and control of the electrical installation with the most current services on the market with Industry 4.0 is today a reality. At Grup Engind we want to offer these capabilities to the industry of the future. For [...]

10 January 2019

Logistic warehouse to Anoia

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In 2019 we started with good news for Grup Engind: has acquired a land of 9.825 m² in Can Parera within Castellolí area to develop a logistic warehouse which will be available for rent at 5.200 m². The investment required is around 2,8M€ and it is expected to be finished by the end of 2019. [...]

4 March 2018

Nau Industrial a Olèrdola 2

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viernes, 2 de marzo de 2018 Engind dirige la construcción de nave industrial en Olérdola. Sobre una parcela de 21.500 m² se levanta el edificio industrial que contará con 11.800 m² construidos, 850 m² en oficinas, 10.950 m² destinados a producción, almacenaje y espacios anexos. Engind proyecta y construye con metodología BIM, aumentando la calidad [...]

7 February 2018

Industrial building in Olérdola

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PROJECTING INDUSTRIAL SHIP IN OLÉRDOLA: Engind projects and directs the construction of an industrial building located in Olérdola on a plot of 21,434.62 m2. 12,000 m² built mainly for industrial production, with storage areas, social spaces and offices. Building with prefabricated concrete structure: pillars, beams, slabs of alveolar plates and interior main enclosures. A [...]