More and more companies find themselves with the need to adapt their buildings to new production and management requirements.

The purchase i rehabilitation of old ships is an option for the production of safety valves for the petrochemical and chemical industries. In 7 months a building was transformed semi built in a modern ship of more than 3000 square meters that houses a production area, warehouse and offices.

The rehabilitation of industrial and logistics buildings requires of experience and mastery in order to overcome the points of structural difficulty presented by an old building, it is necessary to provide solutions to maintain the buildability of the building in compliance with the regulations, at the same time, it is necessary to use the existing structure like this such as elements such as the deck and the area of loading docks and knowing how to locate the facilities area with good accessibility without detracting from operational space.

The BIM methodology developed comprehensively in all projects, during the design, construction and maintenance phases allows adjust deadlines and avoid unforeseen events during construction. That's how Engineering Group is able to deliver projects in the shortest possible time, working with a single BIM model that incorporates all the construction and engineering information allows perfect coordination between all the agents involved, so that errors are minimized and do not affect in terms of deliveries or in the final budget.

Throughout its useful life, the unique BIM model will anticipate preventive maintenance through warnings and will facilitate any future adaptations that may be made to the building. After the comprehensive rehabilitation of the old industrial building, Válvules Nacional gets a building with a 2000 meter production warehouse square meters, 825 square meters of offices and 250 square meters of basement. The offices on the first floor have a diaphanous layout with natural lighting that reaches all workplaces. The design of the project sees a future expansion of the ship. The ship is ready to be used both as a logistics warehouse and as a production area. For this purpose, a special treatment is carried out on the pavement, for the placement of machinery and a semi-basement was created to install the painting area.

With the comprehensive rehabilitation of an old industrial or logistics building, a more modern building adapted to new technologies and respectful of the environment is achieved.

June 24, 2018