Learning industry 4.0

  Not only calculating and complying with current regulations is necessary today; The possibility of improving the performance and control of the electrical installation with the most current services on the market with Industry 4.0 is today a reality. At Grup Engind we want to offer these capabilities to the industry of the future. For [...]

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Logistic warehouse to Anoia

In 2019 we started with good news for Grup Engind: has acquired a land of 9.825 m² in Can Parera within Castellolí area to develop a logistic warehouse which will be available for rent at 5.200 m². The investment required is around 2,8M€ and it is expected to be finished by the end of 2019. [...]

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Nau Industrial a Olèrdola 2

viernes, 2 de marzo de 2018 Engind dirige la construcción de nave industrial en Olérdola. Sobre una parcela de 21.500 m² se levanta el edificio industrial que contará con 11.800 m² construidos, 850 m² en oficinas, 10.950 m² destinados a producción, almacenaje y espacios anexos. Engind proyecta y construye con metodología BIM, aumentando la calidad [...]

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Working with BIM

¿BIM? BIM (Buiding Information Modeling) is a methodology of integral work for the development of construction projects. Through a virtual model (3D digital model) all the data and agents involved in the design of a building are centralized and registered. From its initial project, during its construction, during its useful life, maintenance management or extensions-modifications [...]

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